2020 Annual Report


SGEF is releasing today its new Annual Report.

Resilience, agility, innovation, determination and partnership

While assessing 2020 and all the achievements to support clients and vendors during the crisis, the Annual Report explains how the challenging times have been a great source of learning for SGEF. Of course, last year the day-to-day focus was to deal with deferral requests, manage governmental support plans, adapt to compulsory moratoriums, adjust to cash management strategies, overcome delivery issues and develop innovative financing solutions. But, as emphasized by Florence Roussel Pollet, SGEF Chief Commercial officer, “If there is one word to keep for last year, it would be partnership”.

Indeed, partnership has always been a key element of SGEF DNA but 2020 has further emphasized its core role with partnership of all kinds, starting with strong cooperation among the teams, but also between countries, with clients, and of course with vendor partners.  The partnership also involved banking partners, within Societe Generale Group, for instance with Komerční banka (Czech Republic), and beyond with external banking partners.

The COVID-19 crisis, which is first a public health crisis, has also raised awareness around environmental responsibility. To support its clients and partners’ energy transition investments, SGEF has put Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the heart of its strategy.

Societe Generale Equipment Finance is fully committed to build together with its clients and partners a sustainable future through meaningful and innovative finance solutions.

To find out more about SGEF activity, network and partnership, access the 2020 Annual Report.