Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a strategic driver for SGEF in the way we conduct our activity externally and internally. We are committed to strengthening sustainable finance solutions to our clients from economic, social and environmental perspectives. We believe that new financing solutions are required to support the shift to a more sustainable environment, strongly requested by new generations, our partners, clients and employees. 

Based on our verticals, we are defining with our partners the implementation of sustainable concepts for end-customers, leveraging on our international network in order to finance investments in sustainable, clean and/or renewable technologies, but also supporting new developments such as the Circular Economy to positively manage resources.

SGEF contributes with its partners and solutions to the fight against climate change

SGEF is aiming to be a key player in the development of positive impact solutions, coherent with new trends (smart cities, new mobility solutions, healthcare), while keeping a focus on inclusion and sustainability.

As part of our CSR journey, we help our partners and clients to implement green and social initiatives through tailored financing programs. To reach our ambition, we are allocating means and resources in order to develop new partnerships to finance green and social assets  by using “positive impact” solutions.

In addition, SGEF has initiated campaigns on local and centralized level to improve and optimize our Environmental & Social risk management.