Gold for SGEF in Germany in the EcoVadis sustainability ranking


Towards a more sustainable and responsible world

In order to have a comprehensive picture of its own sustainability activities, GEFA BANK (SGEF in Germany) went through the EcoVadis external rating process in 2021 for the first time. We received the “Silver” ranking from EcoVadis in 2021 and then in 2022, the "Gold" ranking.

The aim of this global sustainability standards assessment is to measure the current status in the area of sustainability based on an external audit and to identify opportunities for improvement in the company. By participating in the EcoVadis ranking, GEFA BANK achieved a successful result straight away and even ranks among the top 13% of companies rated by EcoVadis among financial service providers. The areas of environment and ethics, in which GEFA BANK performed particularly well, deserve special mention. For the future, a focus will be placed on sustainable procurement in order to further improve the result.

"We are proud of this silver medal," says André Rolfes, Head of Sustainable Finance & CSR at GEFA BANK (SGEF GERMANY). " Between now and next year rating, we will implement optimization measures and concrete actions”.




The EcoVadis rating will be soon extended to other SGEF entities as this approach is part of our 2025 CSR ambition “Care & Dare about the Future”: we are committed to create a “company culture for sustainable working practices” internally and externally.