Our services can help boost your sales

We set new standards for financial products, which interconnect manufacturers, wholesale dealers and retailers. Our programs promote your sales, make supplies on outstanding account unnecessary and set capital for necessary investments free. Within the selling and marketing process of numerous manufacturers and dealers we take a key position.

Our individually cut sales-financing programs lead to risk reduction, positive balance change, improved cash-flow and higher sales. 

Vendor Partnership Structures

  • Vendor programmes (vendor branded programmes, undisclosed vendor programmes, joint ventures)
  • Sales financing (loose cooperation agreements, co-branding).

Additional Services

  • Marketing services :
    • Presentations at sales meetings, provision of sales documentation, training of sales staff.
      Internal communication to inform and train a vendor partner’s sales staff with respect to the financial services offered.
    • Sales promotion campaigns
      Joint marketing actions with a vendor partner to promote the financial services offered, e.g. brochures, direct mailings or events.
    • Joint visits to customers, participation in trade fairs and exhibitions
      Joint advisory and sales activities concerning the financial services offered.
  • Information on expiring leases
    A vendor partner’s information on its customers’ expiring leases to facilitate continuation of the business relationship.
  • Fast, low-cost processing via the internet
    Online connection of vendor partners to Societe Generale Equipment Finance, facilitating calculations and loan enquiries based on individual terms and conditions.
  • Administration, Accounting, Collection and Reporting
    Back-office services for vendors’ captive sales financing programmes.
  • Provision of dedicated staff
    Long-term provision of sales and back-office staff operating under the brand name of the partner or Societe Generale Equipment Finance.