New agreement with EIB


Small-scale and Green investments for SME’s in Italy

We are very pleased to have reached an agreement with EIB for a new facility of € 250 million dedicated to finance small-scale investments carried out by SMEs and Midcaps in Italy (SGEF Italy, SG Leasing and Fraer Leasing).

Since our long-lasting partnership with EIB, this new Finance Contract will go one step further in the support of the real economy through SMEs accessing long term funding to finance their growth.

In addition, this facility will have a positive impact on the economy also by promoting investments in the climate action and environmental sustainability sectors, particularly important following the current energy crisis.

Indeed, the financed projects are ultimately expected to generate positive externalities by providing environmental benefits and increasing the resilience to climate change, including through investments in Electric Vehicles, Agricultural equipment, Green economy and Photovoltaics.