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In November 2005, Societe Generale Equipment Finance entered the Chinese Market under the name Societe Generale Leasing & Renting Co., Ltd. Its head office is in Shanghai with sales offices located in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The company is authorized by MOFCOM and SAIC to distribute financial leasing, factoring and additional services all over China mainland.

Societe Generale Equipment Finance is also running in Hong Kong – “SG Equipment Finance Hong Kong Limited”.  The Money Lender’s License granted to this company allows it to distribute any type of Equipment Finance (finance and operating lease, installment sale, hire-purchase, loan and factoring) in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong in any major currency.

In China mainland and Hong Kong, Societe Generale Equipment Finance has established long-lasting cooperative relationships with numerous manufacturers of printing machines, machine tools, construction equipment and high-tech equipment. By providing leasing services to thousands of corporate and individual customers, Societe Generale Equipment Finance has gained an exemplary reputation and created a successful model in the Chinese leasing industry.

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