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Leasing, the innovative form of financing

Leasing is a particular kind of capital investment: Societe Generale Equipment Finance purchases the equipment your customers wish to invest in and allows them to use it in exchange for a monthly fee. Our leasing products span the entire range of varieties available in the market: full and partial payout leasing, terminable leases, sale and lease back and full-service leasing. 

The benefits for your customers:

  • no need to use your own liquidity to purchase the equipment
  • no impact on your balance sheet
  • savings in terms of trade tax
  • lease instalments are tax-deductible as operating expenses
  • budgetable costs due to the contractually agreed monthly instalments
  • limited risk of equipment becoming obsolete due to its short useful economic life

Hire Purchase, the alternative form of financing

Hire-purchase is a special form of external financing which is economically equivalent to instalment purchase. The hire-purchaser is the economic owner of the object from the beginning of the contract, while the lessor retains title until the last instalment has been paid. The object is thus assigned to the fixed assets of the hire purchaser. In addition to depreciation, under certain circumstances interest expense can also be claimed as operating expenditure. The duration of the term can be up to 100% of the normal useful life. When the last installment is paid, legal ownership is also transferred to the rental purchaser, without further costs.

The benefits for your customers:

  • you can capitalise the equipment on your balance sheet to take advantage of the scope for depreciation and subsidies
  • title to the equipment passes to you automatically at the end of the hire-purchase agreement
  •  equal monthly instalments