Platinum and Gold ratings for SGEF


Towards a more sustainable and responsible world

To further strengthen its global sustainability engagement, SGEF has decided to start an EcoVadis assessment in Germany in 2021. EcoVadis is an independent rating company which has assessed more than 100.000 companies on the full spectrum of sustainability factors of corporates with broad-scale supply chain risk screening and mapping. It provides ratings, scorecards and complete audit and improvement management.

In the first assessment, SGEF Germany (GEFA BANK) has been able to achieve a promising rating, reaching the SILVER level. Based on this great result and identified areas for further ESG improvements, SGEF Germany took actions. In 2022, we moved from a SILVER to a GOLD level, reflecting excellent recognition of our sustainability engagement and integration into our processes and organization.

As part of our EcoVadis journey, we have completed the EcoVadis sustainability assessment for our holding (SGEF S.A.). We have been rated PLATINUM, placing us in the TOP 1 % of assessed companies in our business area. We are delighted with these results. For SGEF, this is just the beginning of our EcoVadis journey. We aim to extend the assessment to the other entities of our network to make SGEF a global sustainable company in business and operations.

Together, let’s “Care and Dare about the Future”.